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One value we have at NWEFC is participation in ministry.  Almost everyone finds a way to serve in some way.  We are family, and all belong.  We are Christ’s body, each with unique gifts.  While our leaders are carefully selected and elected by the membership, there are numerous opportunities for members & attendees to joyfully serve in areas where God has gifted them.  Our pastor and leaders are there to support, teach, shepherd, and equip – not to do everything!  We are all called to ministry.

Our ministries are organized into the following teams: Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship, and Outreach.  Each is overseen by an elder and/or ministry leader.  If you have musical gifts, a desire to teach & study, a knack for bringing people together, or a heart for the lost, we welcome your participation in these ministry teams!

We also offer Ministry Internships to those preparing for vocational ministry.  We have welcomed numerous seminary students to join us and serve in their areas of gifting and vocational direction.  Students from Regent College and ACTS have preached, led worship, taught Bible studies, offered counseling, and tech support over the past few years.

Please contact us, or better yet, drop by if you have any questions!



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