Freedom Session Audio Book 2

In case you’ve missed a night of Freedom Session, or you were impacted by a session and wanted to listen to it again, we’ve made audio versions of the DVDs available to you.

Disclaimer: these audio files are not to be sold or distributed, they are solely for the use of Freedom Session participants currently attending at NWEFC.


FS10 – Inventory Part 1 – Facing My Mirrors


FS11 – Inventory Part 2 – Exposing Our Shields


FS12 – Inventory Part 3 – Priorities, Attitudes, and Integrity


FS13 – Inventory Part 4 – Abusing Our Minds and Bodies


FS14 – Confession – Taking It Up a Level


FS15 – Ready for Change – the things I see


FS16 – Ready for Change – the things God sees


FS17 – Removing the UN before Willing


FS18 – Forgiveness – from being Willing to being Free


FS19 – Amends – Making Things Right the Right Way