Freedom Session – Audio Book 3

In case you’ve missed a night of Freedom Session, or you were impacted by a session and wanted to listen to it again, we’ve made audio versions of the DVDs available to you.

Disclaimer: these audio files are not to be sold or distributed, they are solely for the use of Freedom Session participants currently attending at NWEFC.


FS20 – Keeping a Daily Inventory


FS21 – Nine Steps to Healthy Living


FS22 – Learning to Listen to God


FS23 – Breaking Unholy Soul Ties (this session has since been updated – it is best to do this session in the large group)

Part 1

Part 2


FS24 – Relapse Prevention – more than a pretty name


FS25 – Relapse Prevention – what it looks like & costs


FS26 – Grace and a New Name


FS27 – Gratitude and Giving Back