Freedom Session Audio Book1

In case you’ve missed a night of Freedom Session, or you were impacted by a session and wanted to listen to it again, we’ve made audio versions of the DVDs available to you.

Disclaimer: these audio files are not to be sold or distributed, they are solely for the use of Freedom Session participants currently attending at NWEFC.


FS00 – Intro Night


FS01 – Getting Started


FS02 – Stepping Out of Denial


FS03 – Powerlessness and the Marlborough Man


FS04 – Hope and Where to Find It


FS05 – Hope and What It Looks Like


FS06 – Finding a New Path to Sanity


FS07 – Turning Back to the Road Less Travelled


FS08 – The Step that Changes Everything


FS09 – My Support, My Sponsor & My Strength